Premco supplies any type of concrete as per requirement of the customer within the specifications and limits of recognized standards: British Standards Institution (BSI), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Concrete Institution (ACI) and any relevant standards.

Regular Concrete/Reinforced Concrete
It’s the most regular concrete using in Construction field in regular conditions without any special requirements. It’s often have compressive strength from 120 kg/cm2 to 400kg/cm2 depend on the water cement ratio . It’s manly Consisting of Aggregates, Sand, Cement, water and chemical admixture to improve some properties.

Waterproof Concrete
Concrete mixes with waterproofing chemical admixture for water retaining structures, water treatment, or any other similar structures.

High Strength Concrete
High strength concrete is made by lowering the water-cement (w/c) ratio to 0.40 or lower, having a compressive strength generally greater than (600 Kg/cm2)

Fiebre Concrete
Concrete mixes with polypropylene Fiebre to enhance tensile strength of concrete and, hence, prevent cracking.

Quick-Settling Concrete
A quick-settling concrete needs a specific kind of cement named rapid cement. This accelerates the settling and lets the concrete harden quickly. If this type of cement is not available, there is a chemical admixture which can do the same role of this cement and let the concrete harden in the initial phase in 2 to 3 hours and in the final stage, in 4 to 5 hours. We mostly use accelerators admixture to attain this type of concrete.

Mass Concrete
Any large volume of cast-in-place concrete with dimensions large enough to require that measures be taken to cope with the generation of heat and attendant volume change to minimize cracking (ACI 116).

Screed Concrete
Concrete mixes with layer for applications such as beneath flooring materials and rooftops.

Color Concrete
It’s a concrete with chemical additive to add special color like Red, Gray and other without any effect in concert compressive strength.

Basalt Concrete
Its special type of concrete by using Basalt as course aggregate to minimize Corrosion factor.
It’s usually used in slap on grade in factors and gas stations.

It’s a mix of cement, sand, water and special chemical admixture to keep the mortar in stock fresh and ready to use in masonry work, etc. up to 48 hours without any settling.

Piling/Tremie Concrete
Concrete mixes with high workability specially designed for piling works.

Durable/High Performance Concrete
A durable concrete is one that performs satisfactorily in the working environment during its anticipated service life. The materials and mix proportions specified and used should be such as to maintain its integrity and, if applicable, to protect embedded metal from corrosion. Characteristics influencing the durability of concrete include its permeability and resistance to the ingress of potentially deleterious substances. These are governed by the constituents, their proportions and procedures used in making the concrete. The factors influencing durability include the shape and bulk of the concrete, the cover to embedded steel, the environment, the type of cement, the type of aggregate, the type and dosage of admixtures (i.e fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag or GGBS, silica fume/microsilica, metakaolin), the cement and free water/cement ratio of the concrete.

Shotcrete are concrete mixes with MSA of 5mm or 10mm for shotcreting/gunting purposes. Shotcrete uses compressed air to shoot (cast) concrete onto (or into) a frame or structure. Shotcrete is frequently used against vertical soil or rock surfaces because it eliminates the need for formwork. it is sometimes used for rock support, especially in tunneling. Used for: Concrete to be placed in difficult locations, thin sections, and large areas. Advantages: Placing concrete in freeform shapes, repairing structure, thin linings, etc.

Ultra High Strength Concrete
Specially designed concrete mixes are Grade C80 and above. To meet the extra high strength requirements, the use of Silica fume/Metakaolin, GGBS/Fly Ash and high performance admixtures (it could be polycarboxylate ether base) with very low water-cement ratio, aside from Ordinary Portland Cement, is necessary.

Concrete with Corrosion Inhibitor
Concrete mixes with corrosion inhibitor for preventing long-term corrosion of steel reinforcements inside the structures.